It Is Back!

Even more complete, even more compatible, even more powerful!

PLEASE NOTE: this version of the cartridge is obsolete. See here for the latest release.

The Item

The Mégarom T.2 is a MEMO7 cartridge compatible with all the 8-bit Thomson computers, TO family: T9000, TO7, TO7/70, TO8, TO8D, TO9, TO9+.

It provides 2 MB of persistent, rewritable flash memory. These 2 MB are accessed through 128 banks of 16 KB each.

The Mégarom T.2 is 100% backward compatible with the Megarom T.1 and with all the commercial software distributed in MEMO7 format, including 32 and 64 KB multi-bank software (e.g. Microsoft® BASIC 128).

It can also be used to develop and / or distribute software that requires up to 2 MB of ROM space.

Other hardware features:

The Compilation

The Mégarom T.2 comes with an awesome compilation of various software: utilities, applications and games. Just like the Mégarom T.1, it is compatible with all TOs: it automatically detects the machine on which it is plugged and displays, under a suitable resolution, the list of programs compatible with your machine!

TO7, T9000
TO8, TO8D, TO9+

Version 1.0 of the compilation contains:

And among these, MacroAssembler 3.6: the power of Assembler 2.1 with even more features, new assembler directives and most importantly, a dynamic and powerful macro engine!

The icing on the cake: the Mégarom T.2, loaded with its software compilation, fixes a 36-year-old bug in the ROM of the T9000!

The Documents and the Tools
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